Daisy Lowe blames Strictly for ruining her relationship

Strictly Come Dancing’s well-known for upsetting the love lives of countless celebrities – and now Daisy Lowe’s laid the blame for her recent split firmly at the show’s door.

For once it has nothing to do with a celeb copping off with a dance partner, though. Instead the 27-year-old model says the show’s gruelling schedule made her relationship with Bradley “Frankie” Wade (above) fizzle out.

“People forget that with Strictly, it’s not just the training,” Daisy told The Sun. “You always have the show and you have to stay nearby the night before.

“Then you have to film It Takes Two each week and you have videos to do. There’s so much stuff that comes alongside the show.

“So it was a really tall order to start a relationship at the beginning of it. As wonderful and kind as Frankie is, I realised I had to put myself first and take care of both of us as a result. It was just impossible.”

The star also revealed that she was left with “no personality” after taking part in the gruelling training sessions for the ballroom show. She was left so exhausted by the dance classes she had no energy to devote to Frankie on her rare nights off.

“At the beginning, which is supposed to be the most joyful honeymoon period, I had nothing to give him,” she continues.

“We could have coped with the pressure if we had been together for ages and had known all the ins and outs of each other. But we had just met and suddenly it was like, ‘Who is this really tired person?’

“I’m never usually this exhausted every single day.”

Still, what’s to say Daisy and Frankie can’t just pick up where they left off after Strictly when she’s got a bit more energy?

In fact, Daisy refused to rule it out: “I’m trying to live day by day, and I’m going to take each day as it comes.”

That’s as good as a “yes” for us!

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