Daisy Lowe reveals 'heartbreaking' abortion in Mel B podcast

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Model Daisy Lowe has opened up about a “heartbreaking” abortion that she had during a past relationship because she felt she wasn’t ready to be a mum.

The star, who has appeared as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, was a guest on pal Mel B’s new dating podcast The Truth Flirts where she discussed having made the tough decision.

It was the first time that Lowe had talked about having an abortion, but she didn’t say how old she had been at the time or who the father was.

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She said: “It was heartbreaking. But I’m so grateful I didn’t have that baby. I would have sacrificed a lot and I wouldn’t have been the best mum at the time.”

Lowe added that she and her boyfriend at the time had disagreed on whether to have the abortion, and said she would struggle to date someone who didn’t agree with a woman’s right to choose.

She said: “I wouldn’t be able to date someone who had conflicting ideas on abortion, no, because it’s every woman’s right to do whatever they do.

"Ultimately, there are a lot of very unwanted, unwell kids in the world who need a whole lot of love. The planet is overpopulated enough, so why should we bring unwanted kids into the world?”

Lowe, 30, added: “I think it’s important. It’s a heartbreaking decision to make. I’m really grateful that I had the choice growing up.”

She is currently dating singer Jack Peñate, who she was photographed with recently.

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Spice Girl Mel B launched her new podcast with the dating app Badoo and has recorded eight episodes touching on subjects including parenthood, mental health, and splitting the bill.

Talking to The Independent about her reasons for doing the project, she said: “I like to talk and I’m kind of nosy.”

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