Dakota Johnson Having A Wardrobe Malfunction Right Before Discussing 'Dick Pics' With Jimmy Kimmel Feels Like Organic Marketing For Her New Movie

 Dakota johnson on jimmy kimmel live in june 2024.
Credit: ABC

Putting aside the obvious inevitability of death and taxes, I’d say that life is also filled with at least two other things: intriguing coincidences and wardrobe malfunctions. But, it’s probably rare that those latter items combine as perfectly as they did recently, when Dakota Johnson had a wardrobe malfunction right before discussing dick pics with Jimmy Kimmel, which actually feels like really organic marketing for her new movie, Daddio, with Sean Penn.

What Wardrobe Malfunction Befell Dakota Johnson Before Talking About Dick Pics With Jimmy Kimmel?

When star Dakota Johnson isn’t rocking pretty, summer-friendly sheer street looks, or wearing an adorable floral ‘fit to gaze into the eyes of Chris Evans on set, she’s out promoting the new drama, Daddio, which is one of many upcoming 2024 movies on the summer schedule.

Before a discussion about the film on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host showed a short clip from Johnson’s movie, but by the time the cameras were back on them, the actress (who just got a blunt reaction from Russell Crowe about her Madame Web disappointments) had suffered a wardrobe malfunction, with one of her ornate dress straps having snapped. Then, of course, they had to talk about casting the film’s dick pic, as one does while also trying to make sure one’s boobs stay covered. Take a look:

I am fascinated by the fact that Johnson and Kimmel got through this whole segment without mentioning the odd coincidence of her strap breaking and almost revealing too much right as they were about to launch into a discussion of, well, someone who decided to show everything. This did turn out to serve as some interesting marketing for the drama, however.

As was mentioned on the show, the whole movie takes place in a cab as Johnson’s character is driven from the airport by the cab driver portrayed by Penn. While the conversation between them, and how they reveal things about themselves, their lives and relationships, is the crux of the story, part of that is influenced by her character texting with her not-so-great boyfriend during the ride. So, we see his attempt to connect with her by taking his phone’s camera south of the border.


Forget Dakota Johnson's Spider-Web Netted Look, She Wore An Even Cooler See-Through Bodysuit That Was Sheer Disco On Late Night

If ever there were a good time to have a wardrobe mishap while in front of a live studio audience, I suppose this would be it. No such bad luck occurred when the Fifty Shades of Grey star went fully sheer for her SNL afterparty earlier this year, or when wearing any number of the other sheer, sequined looks she sported for her web-slinging press tour a few months back. It, technically, happened off camera so that the focus wasn’t fully on her at the time, and it likely made her even more giggly than she probably would have been already as she spoke about choosing a stranger’s privates to sorta co-star with in Daddio.

Basically, this turned out to be a win-win kind of situation for both the actress and getting the word out about her new movie, and you can't really beat that (insert your own penis jokes here).