Dakota Johnson Reacts To Awkward Wardrobe Malfunction Like A Pro

Dakota Johnson epitomized the “the show must go on” ethos when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday. (Watch the video below.)

After host Jimmy Kimmel played a preview from her new movie, “Daddio,” his guest could be seen holding a severed gown strap with both hands.

“Part of your dress just came unhooked. You all right? Should I get some Scotch Tape?” Kimmel said.

“It just fell off,” she said, smiling.

“It seems to be hanging in all right,” Kimmel said.

“Well, I’ll just hold it,” she said.

Kimmel praised Johnson’s acting in the film while the seemingly flustered star tried to solve her predicament.

“Just hold the important part,” Kimmel suggested.

Johnson grabbed one breast and then both for laughs, still managing to plug her project. “The movie is really good,” she said.

Johnson didn’t skip a beat when they moved on to a conversation about auditions for a dick pic in the movie.

The troublesome strap appeared to bother her earlier in the interview as they made small talk and tried to guess which random person on the street was high.

But she soldiered through.

Fast-forward to 7:20 for the moment when Kimmel notices his guest is in distress: