Dame Barbara Windsor's widower Scott Mitchell makes first public appearance since her death: 'I can't believe a week ago she was still here'

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Watch: Scott Mitchell makes his first TV appearance following Dame Barbara Windsor’s death

Dame Barbara Windsor’s widow Scott Mitchell has spoken publicly for the first time since his wife’s death last week, saying “I can’t believe a week ago she was still here, and now she’s not”.

The EastEnders star passed away last week after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease, and her heartbroken husband recorded a video message for the winner of a Good Morning Britain award that was named after her.

He offered heartfelt thanks to Nassrat Bi, a carer who became the second winner of the Dame Barbara Windsor Award at Good Morning Britain’s 1 Million Minutes Awards.

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Mitchell said of his late wife: “I can’t believe only a week ago she was still here and now she’s not. There’s the circle of life. I don’t think I can still believe it to be honest with you.”

In the video message, he explained that choosing Bi to win was particularly poignant for him because she works with families going through palliative care, just as he and Dame Barbara had been.

He said: “I don’t think there are great enough words for you. I know what it takes, now, to sit next to someone at the end of life and just have comforting reassuring words coming from the carers.

“To watch your loved one be comforted and be cared for and the relief that gives you and the support to the family, you will never know what it means to loved ones to be a part of that process and to be included and cared for as well as the person who is coming to the end of their life with the disease.”

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Sharing the devastation he had gone through over the last week, Mitchell admitted that he had not wanted to record a congratulations message for Bi to begin with because he thought he would be too emotional.

But explaining what had changed his mind, he said: “When I was first asked, I said I thought I would be too emotional, in too much of a state to be able to do it.

“I remember the part of your story where your own dad had passed away from COVID, and my condolences to you, and after a very short time off you insisted on going straight back to work, to care for other people and to care for their families and I don’t think there is a more noble quality or act than that.”

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