Dame Deborah James and her daughter model new T-shirts for Bowelbabe fund

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Dame Deborah with the t-shirts alongside her daughter and mum (Bowelbabe / Instagram )
Dame Deborah with the t-shirts alongside her daughter and mum (Bowelbabe / Instagram )

Dame Deborah James has revealed two new limited edition Rebellious Hope charity T-shirts which have already raised more than £650,00 for charity.

The 40-year-old podcaster released a pink and black version of the shirts and modelled them on Instagram with daughter Eloise and mum Heather.

All the proceeds from the shirts go towards Dame Deborah’s BowelBabe Fund which goes towards cancer charities.

The campaigner, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016, said on Instagram: “I talk about this quote a lot ‘Rebellious Hope’ - it’s truly what has got me through the last 5 years and I have been blow away by just how many of you have been supporting and wearing my t-shirt design.

“I’ve been up and down over the last couple of days being honest but where I’ve had the strength I’ve been discussing ideas and we have decided to do these 2 final designs at your request and it’s fair to say I absolutely LOVE them!”

The black T-shirt is a fitted style with gold foil, for a more “dressy option”, the dame explained, while the pink T-shirt was a popular request.

She took to social media a day after making “another memory” with a “girly sleepover” with her family and friends.

Dame Deborah during the sleepover (Deborah James Instagram)
Dame Deborah during the sleepover (Deborah James Instagram)

The mum spoke of the “pressure” to make memories while dying but she said the unplanned occasion had put “such a smile on my face”.

She said: “Making memories can be hard when you are dying. Oh the pressure.

“I’m now only getting some very grabbed hours between the sleeping and side effects, but this girly sleepover managed to put such a smile on my face having spent most of yesterday in tears.”

The campaigner said it was becoming harder for her to leave the house or her bed but that the event had boosted her spirits.

“I’m getting less and less able to leave the house, or bed really now, so was feeling pretty down about it. Or do anything for that matter! But my sister suggested a party sleepover!

“But with the help of my sister and bro, managed to calm down and then they wheeled me into the room last night and yes I cried over the fairy lights! Good tears!”

Since her diagnosis in 2016, Ms James has been passionate about raising awareness of bowel cancer.

She hosted the BBC Radio 5 podcast You Me and the Big C about her experiences and has written a book called How To Live When You Could Be Dead.

It has already reached the top of the Amazon charts and is due to be released August 18.

To Donate to the BowelBabe Fund visit www.bowelbabe.org.

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