Posted Up: Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis recap the first half of the season

Damian Lillard from the Portland Trailblazers and Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers join Chris Haynes for a two-part episode from All-Star Weekend in Chicago.

Damian Lillard talks about his season so far, including the groin injury he suffered in his last game before the All-Star break (0:40), his hot streak (8:35), playing the Los Angeles Lakers' first game after Kobe Bryant's passing (12:00), and why his pre-game ritual includes a trip to chapel (18:00).

Then, Anthony Davis recaps his first season in Los Angeles (30:30), early success and chemistry with LeBron James (33:00), his focus on defense (34:20), and handling playing in the wake of Kobe Bryant's death (36:00).

Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard join Chris Haynes.

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