Dan Aykroyd criticises hurtful comedy: ‘Offensive material should be rightly cancelled’

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Dan Aykroyd has criticised comedy that hurts others, labelling it “easy laughs”.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Spies Like Us star said: “There is enough range in humour where you don’t have to go scatological and you don’t have to go pulling any divisive cards to get a laugh.”

Ackroyd also hit out at the type of comedy that can cause harm: “Stay away from the offensive material that should be rightly canceled for its hurtfulness.”

The Ghostbusters actor also questioned his own comedy, in particular his impression of James Brown: “Can I do my James Brown imitation? He was one of my best friends. I do his voice pretty good. But maybe I shouldn’t anymore.”

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Akyroyd also said it was “more intelligent” to stay away from offensive jokes.

His comments come just weeks after Dave Chappelle became the subject of controversy following his jokes about transgender people in his latest Netflix special, The Closer.

Chappelle labelled himself “team TERF” which stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. His comments were criticised by stars such as Hannah Gadsby and Dan Levy but initially supported by Netflix CEO, Ted Sarandos.

Sarandos later apologised for defending Chappelle’s comments which resulted in a walkout by members of Netflix’s staff in protest of the special.

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Since the release of the special, Chappelle has doubled down on his remarks, saying: “To the transgender community, I am more than willing to give you an audience, but you will not summon me. I am not bending to anyone’s demands.”

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