Dancer creates art that is selling for THOUSANDS by dancing on canvases in a bikini

A professional dancer is now creating art that is selling for THOUSANDS - by dancing on canvases in a bikini whilst covered in paint.

Veronika Radolovich, 34, decided to combine her two passions for dance and art and has started creating art by dancing on canvases, in 2017.

Smothering herself in different coloured paint, Veronika performs dance routines on top of blank canvases, creating unique and incredible pieces of art available to buy.

Her unusual form of creating art has proven to be a hit with fellow art connoisseurs with her top-selling piece, Circolo, going for a whopping $10,000 Canadian [£6,387].

Her favourite piece, Inflorescence, is currently on sale for £9,731.

Veronika, who splits her time between Toronto and Montreal, Canada, said: "I wanted to be able to capture 3D movements on a 2D canvas.

"There's many reasons as to why I do my art, but for me, this feels very authentic to myself and it's a way for me to be free and empower and inspire myself and others.

"It's acceptance of myself, it's overcoming things in my past, and expressing and sharing beauty and love.

"I have only choreographed two of my pieces - a lot of the time it is pure freedom of expression.

"Sometimes, I am very mindful of what marks I am making and what the final product will look like.

"Other times, it doesn't matter what the final result looks like. It's all about the dance and the expression.

"My most expensive piece sold was with my partner - it was a collaboration called Circolo that sold for $10,000 Canadian [£6,387].

"My favourite piece is called 'Inflorescence' - a 16 foot painting that is a spectrum of colour, so it goes through the reds and the pinks to the oranges, to the yellows, to the greens, to the blues and to the purples. It was a huge breakthrough for me in my work.

"I think I've always been a little bit rebellious in my life, and dancing in paint is a way for me to really honour my inner child and my childhood and the playfulness of it all.

"I know that a lot of people don't take it seriously, but for me, this is pretty serious!"

Veronika became interested in art from a very young age, growing up around her parents who met each other in art school.

Influenced by her father's artwork and her mother's passion for fashion and costume design, Veronika embarked on a career as a professional dancer.

With a background of over 20 years of dancing in numerous styles from classical and ballet to modern and jazz, Veronika turned her talent to the canvas five years ago.

She started painting with her former partner, Callen Schaub, but following their split earlier this year, she decided to continue with her newfound passion after their break up.

Over the past six months, Veronika's talent has exploded across the Internet after she started sharing videos of her process on TikTok.

She has numerous paintings worth THOUSANDS that have sold out online and hopes to have her first gallery show next year.

She said: "I've always been into the arts because my parents met in art school and they were always a huge influence on me.

"Growing up, my father's paintings and his lithographs were around the house, and my mother was into fashion and costumes, so I was both into creating fashion and costume design and also heavily influenced by the arts.

"They were definitely a huge inspiration on me growing up and they were always pushing me to be creative and do whatever I liked.

"I know not all parents are like that, so I feel very blessed to have a very creative upbringing.

"Painting like this has been a way for me to reclaim my body as I am a sexual assault survivor so it's a healthy way for me to cope with my PTSD.

"In the past, I suffered in silence for a very long time because I was young. There was a lot of shame and I didn't know how to use my voice, so it took me a long time to heal myself, which I did on my own for many years.

"I've overcome many, many things, and I think a lot of that had to do with me educating myself and learning to really love myself and what that means.

"For a long time, I used alcohol and substance abuse as a coping mechanism, and art for me has been really pinnacle for my healing journey.

"I've been getting a lot more traction within the last six months.

"Originally, when I started five years ago, I was painting with my partner and then we broke up this year and I realised how important it was for me to continue painting.

"It's really in the last six months that it's taken off. I started posting on TikTok and started taking this craft a lot more seriously.

"It's been difficult because I've been basically homeless over the last months, so I'm always trying to find creative ways within my community to find space to create these paintings and live in general.

"It's been a challenge in that way but I feel very supported and very lucky.

"I'm painting and doing art full time. I still occasionally go-go dance at specific nightclubs and festivals, because that's what I was doing for ten years, but that's very far and few between.

"My art is currently only available on my website. I've only been exploring my own process by myself for the last six months so I really hope to have my own show in 2023."