'Working it' while working out: 'Dancing treadmill man' becomes viral hit

The mystery fitness fanatic mixed it up during his exercise session by throwing some shapes across two treadmill machines.

Pounding the treadmill is a chore for most of us - so this mystery fitness fanatic decided to throw some dance moves into his workout routine.

His captivating running routine was caught on video by a fellow gym user - and has since become a hit online.

David Wilson spotted 'dancing treadmill man' and decided to reveal his talents to the world.

'Dancing treadmill man' busts a move at the gym (YouTube/David Wilson/Jukin)
Spinning around: Other gym users appear oblivious to 'dancing treadmill man's' antics (YouTube/David Wilson/Ju …
The video of 'dancing treadmill man' has clocked 750,000 YouTube views so far (YouTube/David Wilson/Jukin)
He said on YouTube before adding the video: 'I see this guy dancing almost every day on the treadmill. Had to share. Enjoy!'

His video, which has since been viewed over 750,000 times, shows the unidentified runner pirouetting across two treadmills, swinging his arms around and generally 'working it' while working out.

The YouTube hit is all the more brilliant given the complete disinterest shown by all other gym users nearby.

One YouTube poster commented on the video: 'High five to this man! I love seeing people so happy and confident enough to dance wherever.'

Others noted that his unusual routine may have actually helped him burn more calories.

Another YouTube commenter added: 'He's actually doing a better workout in terms of whole-body training than the others engaging in steady-state training.'