Dangerous! Mother distracted by her phone and baby fall down manhole

This CCTV footage captures the moment an Indian woman distracted by her mobile phone, and her five-month-old baby, fall into an open manhole in the middle of the road in India. As the mother falls into the opening, a group of men and women immediately rush to rescue her. A man named Lakhwinder carefully descends into the manhole to get them out as soon as possible. The baby is pulled out first, then the mother is dragged out. Luckily, they didn't report any injuries. Straight after the rescue, people cover the large opening using plastic to prevent further incidents. According to locals, the manhole had been open for many days despite warnings issued to the local authorities. The clip was filmed on October 8 at 10 am at ward number five of Jawahar colony in the district Faridabad, Indian state of Haryana.

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