Dani Dyer used a hairdryer to dry her lashes on Love Island, but is it a good idea?

From the darkest fake tans to the pearliest whites and the endless clip-in hair extensions, Love Island is so far proving an addictive and intriguing behind-the-scenes into high-maintenance beauty.

And on Wednesday night’s show 21-year-old Dani Dyer, daughter of actor Danny Dyer, whipped out a fairly kooky beauty hack that surprised even the most OTT of beauty queens.

Post-shower, she picked up what looked like a tiny pink wand to straighten out her false eyelashes whilst, wait for it, blasting them with a hairdryer.

A hairdryer?

Yup, literally a hairdryer on her face. The move, perhaps unsurprisingly, sent the Internet into a frenzy.

None of the other girls so much as batted an eyelid (sorry), apart from Laura, who said that watching Dani do her quirky beauty routine “is the highlight of my day.” And honestly, it was a highlight of ours too.

But, is blow drying your false eyelashes a good move?

Dani Dyer uses a hairdryer on her fake eyelashes (ITV2)
Dani Dyer uses a hairdryer on her fake eyelashes (ITV2)

According to Joanne McGovern, lead technician at the Eyelash Emporium (who provide eyelash extensions in certain Superdrug stores and salons nationwide), it’s a thing.

“I advise all my clients to gently blast the hair dryer on a cool setting over their lashes after showering. The warm air will set the lashes back in place, as once wet they can stick together and clump, so blasting the hair dryer over them will give you back that fluffy lash feel,” she says. “In my experience drying the lashes will cause no harm to your lashes, as long as they are not exposed to prolong heat that could begin to melt the bond between the extension and the glue.”

Bridget O’Keefe, makeup artist, beauty blogger and founder of Chelsea salon Blush + Blow, agrees that “blow drying your lashes would allow you to get them dry without having to dab them or rub them, which is a big no-no if you want to give them the best chance of staying put.”

However, when it comes to using hot air, she advises exercising caution: “Using cool air is fine but because the eye area is super sensitive you need to be aware that heat would not only mess with the glue that is used for the lashes but also damage the delicate skin around the eye area. We recommend allowing them to dry naturally and so use a clean mascara wand to groom and coax them back in line.”

So, the consensus is using a hairdryer is actually not a half bad idea if you have lash extensions you're trying to maintain (as presumably Dani, who may have 8 weeks ahead of her in the villa, is hoping to). Just make sure you use it on cold setting to avoid glue melt, or worse, face burn.

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