Daniel Baldwin Becomes First To Be EVICTED From Celebrity Big Brother House

Sad news for fans of the seemingly ever-expanding Baldwin family (how many brothers actually ARE there?), as supposed actor Daniel Baldwin was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House last night after a shock vote
Well, not really that shocking, let’s be honest. He’s no Jackie Stallone, is he?

Still not actually sure who he is. Copyright: [PA]

Daniel told host Emma Willis that he was surprised to have left, seeing as he hadn’t been involved in any major confrontations during his time in the house:
“My time in the Big Brother house was shorter than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed my experience.”

However, the bearded Baldwin did admit that there was a possibility that he might have been a bit boring to watch, asking himself: “Have you done enough to make the public say ‘hey, I want him to stay?'”.

Well, clearly you hadn’t Dan, so bully for you.

A young Paul Hollywood, anyone? Copyright: [PA]

Anyway, Daniel is now 'officially’ the first to leave the house after Eva Braun Tila Tequila was removed after her pro-Nazi comments came to light the other week.

Flip-flops and jeans? Oh, hun. Copyright: [PA]

But before he dashed off to the nearest Travelodge for some R&R, he did tell Emma what he thought of one of the most divisive housemates this series – Janice Dickinson: “It’s the Janice show. There’s the sun with a J on it and all the stars and planets are revolving around it. She’s a pain in the a**. I knew what to expect. She never wins because she’s such a nightmare.”

Some prize-winning insights for you there, folks.

Of course, Daniel wasn’t the only person leaving the house last night – Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell (of early 2000’s fame) was back in the limelight this week, and left the house on Friday after spending four days inside teaching the US contestants how to be good servants to their British masters.

Yes, he’s actually back. Copyright: [PA]

All seems rather colonial really, doesn’t it?

Without a hint of irony, the royal-obsessive told Emma that the experience was like “staying on a high-security ward”.

We bet it was Paul, we bet it was.