Daniel Farke explains Leeds United half-time dressing room scene and decisions after Southampton defeat

HEAVY DEFEAT - Southampton's Adam Armstrong celebrates scoring their side's third goal against Leeds United. Pic: George Tewkesbury/PA Wire
HEAVY DEFEAT - Southampton's Adam Armstrong celebrates scoring their side's third goal against Leeds United. Pic: George Tewkesbury/PA Wire

The Whites were 3-0 down inside 35 minutes at St Mary’s as Southampton roared back from a four-game losing streak and stunned Farke’s previously in-form visitors.

A goal in the first two minutes from Adam Amstrong set the tone for the first half, despite a hint of offside that Farke felt would have been detected in the top flight, and the striker hit the net four minutes after Will Smallbone’s 31st-minute sidefoot finish.

Defensive speed was culpable for the first goal, Farke felt and he put the second one down to a measure of bad luck and his players not shifting across quickly enough to deal with a cut-back.

"I never get used to losing a football game or being in a good mood after, that's for sure,” said the German at full-time.

"I wouldn't speak too much about worrying, it's more like congratulations to Southampton because they were more effective. We've won more or less every statistic and they have won 3-1 and the scoreline is all that matters. Defensively we were not spot on, we had four clean sheets in a row but today we need to be a bit more awake, aware, sharper. We didn't allow them too much but sometimes tiny little moments can make a big difference. Normally with VAR [the first] would be ruled out for offside but there is no VAR in the Championship. You have to drop a bit deeper to defend the run of Armstrong.

"Second goal we should have shifted a bit quicker but there was a foul from Smallbone on Cree Summerville, Cree needed treatment, there are the protocols, we have to play underload and Smallbone is in there to score from the cut back and Cree who arrived back late on the pitch has a disadvantage. It was a bit unlucky. I don't use it as an excuse. It was one of those days when every little mistake was punished. I can't argue with the third goal, individual behaviour needs to be better against Armstrong. If you're 3-0 down at half-time it's difficult to return with the points.”

Farke explained why he made no changes at the break despite the first half getting away from them so dramatically and why there was no hairdryer treatment in the dressing room.

"I got the feeling I wanted to give the players a chance to show a reaction,” he said.

"I didn't want to show with two or three substitutions these two or three players were crucial, I didn't want to embarrass them and I didn't have the feeling one or two were to blame. As a team we could have been a bit sharper or more aware.

"I would say 99 per cent of all cases as a manager in such a good run, with four clean sheets in a row, being 3-0 down at half-time I would have thrown bottles and killed someone. Today I got the feeling it was a bit unlucky. It was more like let's talk about what we need to do to turn the game. I spoke quite calmly about a reaction and winning the second half and believing until the last we had a chance to turn the game. I would have preferred to create and score a few more but I can't blame the lads for the second half. I was not too emotional at half-time.”

What Leeds produced in the second half placated their manager somewhat because they stopped conceding, scored one of their own and created chances to add a second that might have made St Mary’s a nervy place to be for those in red and white.

"I was happy with our reaction,” said Farke.

"We could have been a bit more tidy in their box, Rutter sends Piroe and normally he's there with a perfect first touch and scores. But today you have to say the decisive moments were in the first half, that's why they won the game and we have to accept this.”