'Lead him to the room and lock him there': The chilling texts which condemned Daniel Pelka's mother and stepfather

Daniel Pelka pictured at school (SWNS)

When Magdelena Luczak was arrested at her home two days after her son died she was shaking, appeared to be extremely nervous - and was holding the mobile phone which helped to convict her of murder.

Text messages sent from the handset provided evidence of the defendants' drug and alcohol abuse, their sustained and remorseless mistreatment of Daniel Pelka, and their efforts to keep the four-year-old's abuse secret from teachers, social workers and medical staff.

Google searches were also conducted on the couple's home computer as Daniel lay dying locked in his box room, showing they were trying to work out what injuries he had suffered - and how they continued with everyday chores such as sourcing car tyres.

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Listed in chronological order, here are some of the text messages which passed between Mariusz Krezolek and Luczak, originally sent in Polish but translated into English for the court proceedings.

October 7, 2011

8.46am - Sent by Krezolek: "Magda, lead him to the room and lock him there, you'll have some peace and do wait for me."

9.15am - Sent by Luczak: "We'll deal with Rudy (Daniel) after school, he won't see grub at all. I'm going home now call me on your break."

12.24pm - Sent by Luczak: "Let's buy the white stuff instead of Vodka today. We would have some fun later and you could sit at the computer and look for a car."

October 21, 2011

6.43am - Sent by Luczak: "When you're going to the shop then do remove Rudy's door handle so (Daniel's sibling) won't be opening the door for him."

12.04pm - Sent by Luczak: "Buy salt as a must, if you have enough money then sugar as well."
November 15, 2011

9.35am - Sent by Luczak: "I'll call this clinic and change this appointment for (Daniel) because he's even more ill than he was."

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December 14, 2011

9.40am - Sent by Luczak: "I was telling you I'd be having problems and a punishment because he's not at school. The hags from the council were here!"

February 1, 2012

8.54am - Sent by Luczak: "You were striking him by the hands and he's saying in the lady's presence that it's hurting and I told him if he doesn't talk such nonsense he'd get a chocolate bar later on."

February 2, 2012

7.47am - Sent by Luczak: "One of his hands is livid blue and what am I supposed to do now."

8.24am - Sent by Luczak: "I rubbed this hand of his with antibiotic ointment and I'll call school before 9."

10.21am - Sent by Luczak: "Well now he's temporarily unconscious because I nearly drowned him. He's already in bed covered with the duvet and asleep and I am having some quiet time."

10.24am - Sent by Luczak: "I won't be hitting him but if I hear him when he later wakes up then he's going back to the bathtub. I didn't let the water out.''

February 8, 2012

12.11pm - Sent by Luczak: "I'm leaving these marks of yours to you as they aren't coming off."

March 2, 2012

4.34pm - Sent by Luczak to Krezolek, as Daniel lay dying of a brain injury: "He'll get over it by tomorrow. There is no point to stress ourselves out and to call an ambulance because that will cause proper problems."

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