Danielle Lloyd posts powerful message as she shares photo of post-baby body

Earlier this week, former Big Brother contestant Chanelle Hayes hit the headlines after she lashed out at Cheryl for flaunting her flat stomach just months after welcoming her first baby, Bear.

Chanelle, who welcomed son Frankie three weeks ago, ranted to Reveal magazine: “She has all that money and her mum’s there all the time to look after the baby while she does a million crunches.

Danielle has hit back at post-baby bod critics. Copyright: [Instagram]

“I don’t think it’s fair – it’s put me off her.”

Now Danielle Lloyd, who welcomed her fourth son just last week, has had her say on the matter as she shared a photo of her own post-baby body with her Instagram followers.

Looking trim and already wearing her skinny jeans, Danielle wrote: “There’s been a lot in the press this week about what mums who have recently given birth are ‘supposed’ to look like. I had my baby one week ago, and this is me. Simply me.

“I’ve had no time to go to the gym or diet in a week, of course I’ve been with my newborn. But should I really be ashamed of how I look for fear of judgement?

Danielle gave birth just one week ago. Copyright: [Instagram]

“Carrying a few extra pounds, or not – breast-feeding or bottle-feeding. Aren’t we just all sick of judging each other?

“Whether you’re Cheryl, Chanelle Hayes or Serena Williams – should any of us even be worrying about what people think of our bodies after bringing a new life into the world? We’re all on a journey, all doing our best, and all have imperfections.

“I’ve had four children and I’d never dream of sneering at another mum’s body. Let’s all start focusing on what’s REALLY important, looking after our kids – and focusing on our families rather than our bodies.”

Chanelle Hayes hit out at fellow new mum Cheryl. Copyright: [Instagram]

However, Danielle’s powerful message received a mixed response from her followers, with some accusing the star of “flaunting” her enviable post-pregnancy shape.

One wrote: “This post isn’t empowering, love – it comes across as ‘look how great I look’

“I can assure you that most woman would not want to see this. You’re fortunate to bounce back, clearly, but I’d have more respect for you, as would a lot of women, if you just posted these words and not the picture.

“This has made you look ridiculous and attention seeking.”

Cheryl showed off her abs in her first public appearance since Bear’s birth. Copyright: [Rex]

Another added: “Making women feel sh*t all for the sake of publicity or selling something, reckon you have lost a lot of fans! Shame on you.”

However, others applauded the star for her honesty, writing: “You look amazing, everyone is different in how their body works. It’s wrong how people put that pressure on new mums.”

“You look fantastic. Some people are just bitter that they don’t spring back like that. I certainly didn’t after having three kids.

Danielle already has three other sons. Copyright: [Instagram]

“But I don’t look at you in jealousy. I look at you and think ‘wow’. I believe in empowering women and raising each other up, not putting each other down.”

Hitting back at the haters, Danielle later commented: “I am not saying I think I look good or bad, I am just fed up of women having their opinions on what others should and shouldn’t be like.

“Am making a point, who gives a sh*t? Fat, thin, curves, skinny – it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

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