Danielle Lombard says Dean Unglert was 'terrible' on 'Bachelor in Paradise'

Sophie Ludel
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Danielle Lombard stopped by The Morning Breath today and spilled even more tea on the love triangle between her, Kristina Schulman, and Dean Unglert. The 27-year-old recalled how her relationship with Dean had started on Bachelor in Paradise, and that she had asked everyone, including Dean himself, if he and Kristina were together.

The small-business owner continued by saying that she is “the most upset at him,” and that “Kristina didn’t do anything wrong.” And in terms of rumors that Kristina and Dean are dating again, Danielle said that she knows “they’ve spent time together, but [she doesn’t] know the extent of their relationship.” She continued by saying she doesn’t think “either of them are at a place where they are ready for a long-term relationship.”

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