Danish-Bosnian woman gets four-year sentence for aiding Islamic State in Syria

By Johannes Birkebaek

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - A Danish-Bosnian woman evacuated from a Syrian detention camp in 2021 was sentenced by a Danish district court on Tuesday to four years in prison and stripped of her Danish citizenship for aiding Islamic State militants.

The 38-year-old traveled to Syria with her husband and their children in February 2015 and worked as a housewife in the Islamic State stronghold Raqqa.

Elmina Aljic, who still holds a Bosnian citizenship, admitted to the court that she aided the militant group by working as a housewife, according to her lawyer.

She has yet to decide whether to appeal the sentence, the lawyer added.

In 2021, three women and 14 children were evacuated from Syria to Denmark. Upon arriving in Denmark the women were arrested and charged with aiding a terrorist organization and illegally traveling to a conflict zone.

Last year, one of the three was sentenced to three years in prison.

(Reporting by Johannes Birkebaek; Editing by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen and Tomasz Janowski)