Danish creator transform leaves into artwork of Michael Jackson and famous TikTokers

This creator from Copenhagen is able to transform fallen leaves into impeccable pieces of celebrity art with the help of a scalpel. Ishan Maharjan films as he makes leaf art of Michael Jackson and TikTok sensations KallmeKris and Oneya D ‘Amelio. On his Michael Jackson leaf art, the artist said: "I usually upload my leaf artworks on TikTok. Someone requested me to make one of Michael Jackson, so I tried it and fortunately, the result was good and everybody loved the art! It’s a kind of tribute to Michael Jackson as well. "My girlfriend is a BIG fan of Kris. She always watches her videos. When she requested me to make one leaf art of Kris, I made it and felt very lucky since I got a reply from Kris herself! I gained 150K followers after I posted her leaf art. "After that, people in the comments suggested me to do the same for Oneya D ‘Amelio (of Angry Reactions), so I checked his profile and I really found interesting things about angry facial expressions. Then, I carved his face into a leaf and posted it. He finally reacted to it and posted it on his Instagram!"