Danny Dyer throws shade at ex-EastEnders co-stars

EastEnders star Danny Dyer has thrown shade at former co-stars following his exit as Mick Carter.

The actor made a dramatic departure from the soap at Christmas when Mick was lost at sea trying to save wife Linda during a confrontation with Janine Butcher.

Dyer spoke candidly about leaving the soap after a decade of playing Mick during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, which is set to air this weekend on ITV.

While he had plenty of nice words to say about working on the soap, Dyer actually had a cryptic answer when asked by Ross whether there were EastEnders co-stars he wouldn't miss.

"There’s a few of them actually, I ain’t going to lie," he admitted. "I won’t say [who], you know. Most of them, I love dearly. Not all…"

When Ross suggested those EastEnders co-workers Dyer didn't get on with would know he was referring to them, the actor added: "I would have thought so."

Ross also pointed out that Mick could someday reappear in Walford since the soap went to great pains to stress on-screen that his body wasn't found.

"If it goes tits up, I can go back. I can turn up in three years’ time, walk in the Queen Vic smothered in seaweed," Dyer joked.

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The actor went on: "They wanted to keep it open. I’m very privileged and grateful for that job. It really did change my career and my life… You don’t have much say in [the exit], I just wanted it to be exciting and quite cinematic. It went down really well, a lot of people were quite touched by it.

"People were sending me all this stuff, TikToks of kids crying, it really upset them."

For now, Dyer is teaming up with Strictly Come Dancing star Ellie Taylor on the new Netflix gameshow Cheat, releasing on Wednesday, March 1.

The Jonathan Ross Show airs Saturday at 9.40pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

EastEnders airs on Mondays - Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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