Danny Jones on the embarrassing boyband audition that changed his life

McFly guitarist and singer Danny Jones talks to Kate about the audition that changed his life - an embarrassing mix-up that lead him to try out for a boyband, but how it lead to him meeting Tom Fletcher in the process.

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Video transcript

DANNY JONES: Yeah, I totally forgot about the audition that I met Tom at. That was amazing. That was one of the best moments of my life.

KATE THORNTON: When you printed off the information, the second page hadn't printed. And on the second page it said, no guitarists.

DANNY JONES: Well, what it was, it was the stage newspaper.


DANNY JONES: And the stage newspaper print was off slightly that one day.

KATE THORNTON: Ah, my bad.

DANNY JONES: The boys ripped me. They were like, no, it wasn't. You wanted to come and dance in a boy band. This was one of those examples of like Tom seeing me and just going, mate, you're not right for this boy band because I had to dance. I had to dance for 15--



KATE THORNTON: You did the dancing.

DANNY JONES: It was a room like this that we're in now. There was a panel. And there was the management that Tom was signed to. Tom was filming, holding one of the cameras.

KATE THORNTON: So Tom was there working for a bit of cash on the side. He'd been signed as a songwriter to them.

DANNY JONES: Exactly, yes. He'd been signed as a songwriter filming this audition that I turned up to, looking like I've just come out of an Oasis cover band. And I came into the room they were like, right, OK, just find a space on the floor. We're going to play some music, and we're going to show-- and you've got to show us what you can do dance-- dance wise, you know, your dance moves.

And my mum-- literally I remember in the corner laughing her head off. And there was this-- you know, I'm stood there going-- they played this music and I've gone like, you know, like this, like looking around. And the guy next to me is going, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. All this kind of stuff. Honestly, my mum was on the floor.