Danny Jones on McFly's rocky start, having dinner with Elton John, and embracing his love of food on MasterChef

McFly's very own Danny Jones joins Kate to chat through his rocky road to rockstardom, embracing his love of food on Celebrity MasterChef, and his craziest stories from two decades in music, from embarrassing auditions, to eating dinner with Elton John.

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Video transcript

DANNY JONES: My mom was a real kind of like, you know, she was pro like support the local open mic nights and we're going to do it. And one place where we used to go, it was called the Buskers Bar. And for me as a teenager who was dying to play anywhere I could, and this open mic night gave me the confidence to sing at such a young age in a pub at like 11:00 PM at night. Obviously, I was always waking up at, you know, the next morning for school a bit like, I'm so tired, Mum. But she knew she was doing the right thing.

KATE THORNTON: Cross-eyed.

DANNY JONES: Yeah. I think me and Tom split up and we had two drummers and two bass players. And we basically lived with them for a while to see who we got friendly with. And obviously we fell in love with Dougie and we fell in love with Harry. I said, oh, I said, Doug.

And I'm like, what? Trying to get conversation out of him. What star sign are you? And he's like, I don't know. I'm like, what do you mean you don't know? At this point, I didn't know he's lying about his age.


DANNY JONES: So he couldn't answer. I said to Tom, I was like, mate, isn't it weird he doesn't know his star sign? He doesn't know when he was born. I was like so weirded out by it.

I feel like we fit in a slot that's a real difficult slot of like pop. But we function like, we function like Iron Maiden. We have techs. We have guitar amps. We are sweaty on stage. We give it everything.

I've always wanted to be good at cooking, you know? And I was a massive fan of "MasterChef." I used to watch it all the time. Even the Australian one now I watch, you know, I love it. Yeah, absolutely love it.

In the advert, if there's a clip of me going, just so you know, I love you too. And then Faye's going, all right, stop trying to get brownie points, you know? You know, I'm like, genuinely, I'm a fan.