Danville brothers raise money for Point Township family following tragedy

Mar. 9—DANVILLE — Local lemonade heroes continue to give back to their community.

Three Danville brothers set up a lemonade stand Friday to raise $648 for the Filbert family, which was struck by tragedy in a house fire earlier this week.

Aaron Childress, 11, Adam Childress, 9, and Axel Childress, 8, first set up a lemonade stand on East Market Street over the summer, giving out lemonade for free, and raising money to purchase cases of Gatorade and water for local fire companies.

Dawn Gouty, mom of the three boys, said she was watching a video on Facebook earlier this week and her oldest overheard the news of the loss of Wendy Filbert and Michael John Filbert in a house fire in Point Township early Monday morning.

Wendy Filbert's son, Michael Erdman, an assistant fire chief in Point Township, was the first to arrive to his mother's house at 12:45 a.m. after being woken by his 911 pager alerting him of a fire.

Erdman lost both his mother and stepbrother in the tragedy. His stepfather Michael Filbert was flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital, in Allentown, where he was listed in stable condition

The Childress brothers decided they wanted to give back to the Filbert family, who was well known for their dedication to fire departments.

"Aaron asked if they could set up the lemonade stand to raise money for the family, and I said, absolutely,'" Gouty said.

Aaron Childress said the Filbert family's loss hit him emotionally. "It's sad to lose people in a fire," he said.

The Danville Fire Department came together to support the Childress boys' mission and came by the stand in fire apparatus Friday.

Deanna Force, who serves locally with the Good Will Hose Company and is president of the Firefighters Association of the State of Pennsylvania, said she is encourage by the boys response to the tragedy.

"To me, it's encouraging to see the younger generation hear about a tragedy, in another town even, and want to help," Force said.

Aaron Childress said Friday was the first time the brothers set up their lemonade stand since the summer, but hope to continue doing so throughout the warmer months.