Danville receives federal funding for Madison project

Mar. 9—WASHINGTON, D.C. — The City of Danville is receiving $850,000 for the Madison Neighborhood Revitalization Project.

U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly, IL-02, voted to advance the first Fiscal Year 2024 government appropriations package and fund nearly $15 million of community projects for IL-02. The legislation was expected to be passed by the Senate and signed by President Biden this week.

This comes as the staff at Carle Danville Medical Office Center at The Riverfront had a small, internal celebration last month to mark their one-year anniversary in the facility.

According to Danville Community Development Administrator Logan Cronk, "the funding request is to assist with the redevelopment of what the city has coined 'The Madison Neighborhood.' We have very limited details on what the eligible expenses will be."

A summary of what was applied for: "The goal is to revitalize the Madison Neighborhood to provide better qualities of housing and infrastructure, remove blight, and more-accessible public services in order to increase the quality of life and economic productivity of the area. The plan ultimately aims to increase the socio-economic sustainability of the neighborhood and minimize inequalities in the area, as this area is one of oldest areas in the city."

This area was selected by city officials for the funding due to its current condition and proximity to the new Carle at The Riverfront development. The request was concentrated on projects that were ready to move as quickly as possible and the city team has been working toward a plan for more than a year for the neighborhood revitalization, Cronk said.

Through a press release, Kelly said, "I'm proud to advance over $15 million in community project funding and protect critical government services that millions of American families rely on. I'm glad that my Democratic colleagues and I were successful in removing many of House Republicans' harmful cuts and pass government funding bills that will improve public safety, support working families, and help our communities thrive. I look forward to seeing these investments build stronger communities across Illinois."

Kelly championed funding for 13 projects, including the Danville project, that will directly benefit residents of IL-02.

Additionally, the FY 2024 government funding package will lower costs and create good-paying jobs for Illinoisians while providing more resources for communities to address pressing issues like gun violence, maternal mortality, addiction, food insecurity, and more, according to Kelly.