A daredevil finance bro made the most of the New York City snowstorm by SKIING the streets of Manhattan

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A daredevil financier made the most of the New York City snowstorm by SKIING the streets of Manhattan. Jordan Goldstein, 28, strapped on his skis, attached a tow rope to the back of his car and clung on for dear life as he sped down Essex Street in the Lower East Side at 11.30pm on Wednesday [Dec 16]. The credit investment analyst was joined by three friends, Charlie Wemyss, 29, Jimmy Zumot, 30, and Dariush Ruch-Kamgar, 30, on his late night joy ride through the snow-covered Big Apple. The buddies took turns skiing down Essex Street from Canal Street to Delancey Street before cutting through a couple of side streets. Jordan said: "I wanted to get a little of that New York City powder. We didn't abide by any of the traffic lights. We just started ripping it. "We kept our heads on a swivel to make sure no cops rolled up on us either. "I'm not sure of the legality of skiing in Manhattan, but I figured they had other stuff to worry about." Jordan rigged up a tow rope and an extra climbing harness to the hatch of his trunk. He said: "I was holding the tow rope and it was almost like I was water skiing. My street was pretty dead so we rigged it up and grabbed the Go Pro." Jordan admitted that his snowy hijinks definitely involved some hazards. He added: "I'd say there's some danger to it. "There's the concrete and the pavement - you can see the sparks flying up in the video. "Then there are the parked cars. "You've got to make sure you've got some ski legs and some arm strength. "I wouldn't recommend a first time skier get behind a car going 30 miles an hour."