Daredevil’s incredible record-breaking base jump from 21,500ft Himalaya peak

Gaby Leslie

A base jumper has smashed a world record after leaping from a height of 21,466ft near the summit of Shivling – a mountain in the Himalayas.

Russian adrenaline junkie Valery Rozov, 47, performed the death-defying stunt in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, jumping off a  peak renowned for being difficult and dangerous for climbers.It took six days for Rozov to climb Shivling during a 30-day expedition with climbing partners Alexander Ruchkin and Victor Volodin.

Wearing a specially designed Red Bull wingsuit, Rozov reached a top speed 125mph before successfully deploying his parachute and landing 2,200m further down on the glacier just 90 seconds later.

His expedition companions then trekked back down the snow covered mountain, meeting the daredevil back at the foot of the slope three days later.

Speaking after the incredible feat, the two-time skydiving world champion said: “This was my first project in the Himalayas.

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“We had a few difficulties along the way, so I am really pleased that we were able to complete the jump successfully.”

By reaching the summit, the three climbers also became the first Russians to successfully climb Shivling.

The peak was conquered for the first time in 1974.

Rozov’s other dangerous pursuits include flying into an active volcano in 2009 and a leap from Ulvetanna Peak in the Antarctic in 2010.

Base jumping and wingsuit flying is an extreme sport that involves jumping from objects such as bridges, buildings and towers.