Daredevils do acrobatic stunts on 20ft tall bamboo pole

A pair of acrobats amazed onlookers with an astonishing series of stunts at the top of a 20ft bamboo pole in eastern China.The pair recorded themselves performing for a stunned audience in Heze city, Shandong province, as one balanced the item on his shoulder while the other climbed up it.One of the performers, Wang Fuquan, told local media he has been doing the pole in performances for more than 20 years.Footage of their performance shows Wang shouldering the pole as his daredevil partner Li Meng climbs up to begin a series of gravity-defying stunts.As the crowd gasps, the pair show how they can move from one acrobatic move to another with apparently effortless ease.There were no protective measures during the performance and any mistake could have resulted in serious injury.Wang explained that he has to make constant tiny adjustments to his position to maintain a perfect balance for his partner.He added: 'We must find a way to remove the force generated by the performance above, otherwise he will definitely fall down when he kicks the pole, and balance is the most important thing.'Therefore, although a performance may only last for two or three minutes, in fact, each time is a test of the skills of two people.'