Darren makes an emotional plea to Mandy

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Luke, Mandy, Ollie and Ella are packing for Florida, where Luke and Mandy will get married. Darren asks her not to marry Luke, but Mandy tells him that too many people would get hurt if they were to be together.

After Darren has left, Mandy finds an empty vodka bottle hidden down the sofa. Will Luke's drinking jeopardise the wedding? Or could Darren be the one to stop it when he arrives in The Dog car park as the taxi arrives and they prepare to leave for Florida?

Meanwhile, Darcy is moving out of the Osbornes' when Jack discovers his voicemail from Frankie has been deleted from his phone. Later, Darcy asks Jack to give their relationship another go.

Photo credit: Lime Pictures

Elsewhere, Cindy asks Dirk to keep her secret about stealing Tom's money. She also prepares to open her new food truck, "Cindy's Hatch", which is parked directly outside Tony's new restaurant.

Also today, a suspicious Tony is trying to track down the newspaper article Finn bought him, that Milo has since burnt. Tony mooches around Milo's room, but Milo catches him.

Finally, Scott and Damon are going through a box of Maggie's belongings when they find her engagement ring. Brody arrives with a letter detailing Maggie's inheritance for the boys – Scott, Damon and Brody all have £20,000 each. Damon and Brody talk about plans to open a bar in New York, but Scott makes a suggestion that he could put Maggie's money and engagement ring to better use, like a wedding.

Writer: Richard Burke

Director: Rebecca Rycroft

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