Dashcam captures disqualified driver walking away after bus stop crash

A disqualified driver who crashed a stolen car into a bus stop has been jailed.

Monique Moss stole her friend’s keys before driving the car away and crashing it into a bus stop in Crawley, West Sussex.

Moss, 46, was filmed on another driver’s dashcam abandoning the stolen Ford Focus sideways in the middle of the road and walking away.

Sussex Police attended the scene about 8am on July 2, and inquiries led to Moss’s arrest, whose last known address was Brighton Road, Crawley.

Monique Moss bus stop crash
Dashcam footage issued by Sussex Police of Monique Moss, a disqualified driver, crashing a stolen car into a bus stop in Crawley, West Sussex (Sussex Police/PA)

She had visited a friend in Crawley that morning, and left their house with a set of keys which she then used to steal the car.

Checks revealed Moss was already disqualified from driving.

She was charged with dangerous driving, theft of a vehicle, driving while disqualified, being in charge of a vehicle which was left in dangerous circumstances, failing to report a road traffic collision, and driving while uninsured.

Moss appeared before Lewes Crown Court on October 28, where she was jailed for two years and was further disqualified from driving for four years.

Detective Sergeant Mark Williams, of Crawley CID, said: “Moss could have seriously injured herself or someone else, and it is only by chance that no one else was involved in the collision that morning.

“She took absolutely no responsibility for her actions, even walking away from the wreckage as if nothing had happened.

“Thanks to the swift response of our officers from the Crawley neighbourhood response team, we were able to secure vital evidence including this dash cam footage, which helped to lead to a conviction.”