Dashcam footage of over 200 cars’ pile-up after massive ice skidding in China

This is dashcam footage of over 200 cars piling up after massive ice skidding on Zhengxin Yellow River Bridge in Zhengzhou, Henan province, on December 28. The accident, which was caused by heavy fog and icy roads, left one person dead. Footage of the crash shows that visibility was very low at the time, and drivers on the road waved to the vehicles that followed. The driver slowed down to avoid the accident. A large number of cars rear-ended or collided with each other at the scene of the accident and cars were piled on top of each other after being jacked up. According to the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee, one person was killed in the accident, and the fire department successfully rescued 11 people trapped in the car. The video was provided with permission from local media.