'My date tried to guess my weight – he was miles wide of the mark three times'

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The dating scene can often feel like navigating through treacherous terrain.

One might find themselves reflecting on their date's words, trying to decipher if the rendezvous was a hit or a miss.

A woman on TikTok has shared her disconcerting experience when her date claimed he could "guess anyone's weight just by looking at them". Kate Lavrentios was less than amused by his so-called talent after he inaccurately estimated her weight and then felt ashamed.

She recounted how she challenged him to guess her weight after he boasted about his ability. His first guess was 150lbs (68kg), of which he was "so confident". She retorted: "What, do you think I'm nine? Actually guess it."

His second attempt was 160lbs (73kg), and she responded with "higher brother", leading him to propose 170lbs (77kg). Kate mocked: "Is this literally meant to be one of your talents? You're awful at this."

Observing his discomfort because she "definitely weighed more than him", he admitted: "Ah, sorry I brought it up, I don't wanna talk about this anymore." Returning home, Kate was left feeling "rattled and upset" by the odd turn their conversation had taken, but her friend offered the perfect consolation.

Her friend encouraged her, saying: "Kate, you are juicy, lean into it," prompting Kate's witty comeback: "Whoa. I literally think Socrates said the same thing,"

In the comments, other women chimed in with their own disheartening experiences about men's obliviousness to women's weight. One woman recounted: "Omg I casually mentioned my weight (170lb) to the guy I was dating and he told me 'don't talk about yourself like that'? ? ? ! ! !"

Another said: "Men have no idea how weight looks on us lol. My brother thought I was constantly 40-50 lbs less than my actual weight." A final commenter added: "Muscle and curves add up".