Daughter demonstrates the magic of music for her mom with early-onset dementia

Nicole Petrie knows the power of familiar tunes for people living with dementia. This deeply personal and powerful clip shows Nicole's mom, Cheryl in a moment of anxiety. When Nicole plays Fleetwood Mac's song "Rhiannon," her mom becomes visibly uplifted, laughing and clicking her fingers. Nicole told Newsflare: "My mother has Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), and when she is having a bad day or moment of confusion, music can almost instantly improve her mood. "She started showing signs around 2012 when she was 48. It took a couple years after that to get the official diagnosis because the doctors didn’t consider dementia at first because she was so young still. "My dad thinks there might have been signs of something wrong as early as 2010, but it's hard to be sure because it was very unexpected around that age." Model and activist, Nicole, aged 25, documents the close bond she shares with her mom on TikTok (@nicolepetrie).