Daughters hilarious reaction as US dad reveals that he's shaved his beard

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This is the hilarious moment a dad reveals he has shaved his beard off to his one-year-old daughter - and she is not impressed.

Aaron Brooks, 30, had a full beard on his chin and for all her life this is what little Cambry has known her dad to look like.

He pulled down the towel hiding his face to reveal his new look, but Cambry was not a fan of his visible chin and immediately asked for her mum, Caytlyn, 30.

Caytlyn, from Muncie, Indiana, USA, said: "We actually did the same thing to our oldest daughter Abby when she was around the same age and recorded her reaction. 

"It was super cute so we thought we would see how Cambry reacted. 

"I felt bad at first but then she quickly realized it was daddy and was fine.

"I thought she would think it was funny that her daddy shaved!"

Aaron had to shave his beard for a training course for his job as a School Resource Officer but did it a month in advance so his "face would have time to tan evenly'".

That was when they decided to show their adorable infant daughter his new look, who frowned in confusion before curiously feeling his chin.

Mum-of-two Caytlyn added: "Although I think he is attractive either way, I much prefer his beard, and I especially prefer it to his moustache!"

This video was taken on July 9 2021.

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