Dave Chappelle hilariously interrupts Michael Che’s interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update co-anchor Michael Che appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, but he wasn’t alone. Not long into the interview, Dave Chappelle stepped in from just off camera for the purpose of promoting his podcast The Midnight Miracle, but he soon found himself repeatedly, and hilariously, taking part in the interview. Che was doing the interview from Chappelle’s rural Ohio home, in town to perform at one of Chappelle’s outside comedy shows, which he’s been putting on since last summer. When Kimmel asked Che about the performance space (a cornfield), Chappelle was there to answer. When Kimmel asked about the old hotel Che was staying at, Chappelle was there to share his thoughts on it. And when Che talked about the weird gifts he and fellow Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost get each other for their birthdays, Chappelle just couldn’t help but tell about the funny gift he got Sean “Diddy” Combs for his birthday years ago. And since Chappelle was clearly part of the interview and wanted to promote his podcast, Kimmel gave him that chance.

“Dave, do you have anything you’d like to plug before we go?” Kimmel asked sarcastically. “You know what, Jimmy?” Chappelle answered. “Because you said it like that, no.”

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