David Beckham Reveals His 'Harper' Tattoo

David Beckham has revealed a new tattoo spelling out the name of his daughter as Victoria tweets a new photo him with his newborn.

In the picture, the England star is seen holding Harper Seven close to his chest.

Victoria writes: "I took this beautiful picture and wanted to share it with you, baby Harper cuddling Daddy!"

On Saturday the football ace showed his new tattoo as he removed his shirt following LA Galaxy's win against FC Dallas.

The name Harper runs along his left collar bone and sits above a design dedicated to his three sons showing Jesus being carried by three cherubs.

Beckham also has the names of his sons inked on his body.

His first born, Brooklyn, runs across his lower back, Romeo is on the base of his neck and Cruz adorns the middle of his back underneath a guardian angel tattoo.

Beckham is a big fan of tattoos and has most of his arms, back and chest covered.

Much of the body art is the work of Manchester tattooist Louis Malloy.

Beckham has previously said his tattoos are very special to him: "Most of my tattoos are memories and things that mean things to me," he said.

Harper Seven was born last month at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

Shortly after her birth, Beckham revealed the couple named her after the author of To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee.

He said they choose Seven because it "symbolises spiritual perfection, the seven wonders of the world, seven colours of the rainbow and in many countries around the world it is regarded as lucky."

Beckham also wore the number seven shirt in his career at Manchester United and as an England player.