David Beckham and Thierry Henry surprise villagers in latest Walkers ad

Footballing legends David Beckham and Thierry Henry leave villagers gobsmacked in the latest advert for Walkers crisps. Set in a world where the two star strikers live together, do the dusting themselves and enjoy fishing, the players have a crisis when they run out of crisps.

Former French international hero Henry, 46, heads out into the countryside with a camera crew in tow to beg for some Walkers crisps from their neighbours. Several handshakes and hugs later, they come across Katie and her son, Miles, who have some crisps.

They all return to the footballers' cottage to enjoy a match together. The advert follows a previous one in which the pair run out of crisps at a football stadium, with the slogan, 'no Walkers, no game'.

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Walkers said the latest ad portrayed the "true shock and excitement of real football fans" when Henry knocks on their doors.

The new ad made its TV debut on Channel 4 during Gogglebox on Friday, May 24. Commenting on the advert, Beckham said: "It was fun to be back filming with my good friend Thierry for Walkers. We really enjoyed the day – meeting the fans and of course, seeing their reactions!”

Henry added: “I have to confess, I do love a Walkers Ready Salted crisp, but I couldn’t possibly leave David empty-handed for the game. It was a brilliant experience surprising real football fans and seeing their genuine reactions when I knocked on the door.

"There was laughter, tears, and some were just completely speechless! I loved bringing Katie and Miles back for the ultimate football viewing experience alongside myself and David, we had a great time.”

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