David Blaine completes vertiginous stunt floating above Arizona holding onto balloons

YouTube / David Blaine
YouTube / David Blaine

David Blaine has successfully performed a new stunt that saw him floating above Arizona holding onto balloons.

The magician and performer went more than 24,000 feet high during the stunt on Wednesday, before disengaging from the balloons and landing thanks to a parachute.

Blaine began the stunt, deemed “Ascension”, on Wednesday morning. After liftoff, he put on a parachute when he reached an altitude of around 8,000 feet.

He then continued his climb, at one point going up 500 feet a minute.

Throughout the stunt, Blaine communicated with a team via audio link to help ensure his safety. He praised them for making him feel secure during the performance.

Blaine monitored his blood oxygen saturation levels during the stunt.

He needed to avoid hypoxia, which happens when the body’s oxygen levels are too low. The condition can occur at high altitudes.

Around 15,000 of altitude, Blaine stopped ascending for a moment and spoke to his daughter, who provided encouragements.

He reached an altitude of 24,900 feet before jumping into the air and opening his parachute.

Blaine landed safely on the ground shortly afterwards.

The stunt was live-streamed on YouTube.

Blaine was originally supposed to perform it between New Jersey and New York, but had to move to Arizona due to logistics.