David Hasselhoff scolds Liam Gallagher over his fights with Noel and says 'why include me?'

David Hasselhoff has publicly scolded rock star Liam Gallagher after he slagged off his brother Noel, again, and then dragged The Hoff’s name into their feud.

The Baywatch icon tweeted the former Oasis singer on Thursday night (Oct 5) and called him out over an interview that he gave earlier this week in which he slammed his older brother’s “psychedelic” new music, and poked fun at The Hoff.

During the chat with Radio X Liam was distracted by a poster for Hasselhoff’s upcoming cruise experience, which gives fans exclusive access to meet him.

He later mocked the “enhanced experience” that Noel is also offering on his latest tour, adding that David is “more psychedelic than our kid”.

Proving that he is not to be messed with, Hoff wrote to Liam on Twitter, saying: “Why trash your brother… of all people then include me? If Oasis had done a cruise I would have gone.(sic)”

Liam is yet to respond, but the rocker has been feuding with his sibling ever since their family band split in 2009, and in his latest Twitter rant, he slammed the star for placing the hefty price tag on his upcoming North American tour.

Liam tweeted: “350 dollars to go and see rkid in USA what a **** when will it all stop as you were LG x (sic)”

And before that, Liam said Noel’s upcoming third record ‘Who Built The Moon?’ is far from “psychedelic”, and compared it to a “vegetarian trying to sell you a kebab”.

The ‘For What It’s Worth’ singer also said that Noel will need more than his famous pals Paul Weller and Johnny Marr on the project to make an “out there” record.

Rap ‘n’ roll star Noel Gallagher

In a series of tweets, Liam wrote: “Psychedelic music by a beige drip is like a vegetarian trying to sell you a kebab as you were LG x …

“It takes more than wheeling  out your old mate uri geller and har mar superstar to make a so called out there record snoozer as you were LG (sic)”