David Hasselhoff is selling his Knight Rider KITT car

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It may be holding court at the Museum of Style Icons in Newbridge but David Hasselhoff’s iconic Knight Rider car ‘KITT’ is in need of a new home.

The world famous automobile is currently up for auction online, with bids starting at around €10,000 ($15,000).

“Americans have had a long-running love affair with the automobile” Julien’s Auctions Live says, “and in 1982, David Hasselhoff drove into our hearts as Michael Knight in an artificially intelligent, indestructible supercar fashioned out of a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am named KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand)”.

This particular model is said to have been lovingly crafted for Hasselhoff by fans, and given to the actor as a gift.

It’s got all the well-known features, including the w-style yoke steering wheel and an elaborate digital dash board and console.

She is rear wheel drive and powered by a 5.0 liter V-8 engine with automatic transmission. She is programmed to speak with over 4,000 sound bites from the classic television show Knight Rider . The car was made by Jennifer Catano

The car is valued at between €20,000 and €35,000, but anyone who wants to get their paws on it will have to consider the price of bringing it home from Newbridge too.

Please note this item is on display at the Museum of Style Icons in Ireland until April 27, 2014. The winning bidder is responsible for all costs associated with moving and shipping this item.

Sure wouldn’t just it be far easier to keep it local?

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