Mind the gap! Labour David Miliband snapped snoozing on the Tube - with his flies undone

Rebecca Lewis
Yahoo! News

Since losing the Labour leadership battle to his brother, Ed, David Miliband has kept a fairly low profile.

But an unfortunate picture of the former Foreign Secretary on the London Underground having a quick nap with his flies undone looks set to push him back into the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

The 47 year-old MP for South Shields was pictured by a fellow passenger slumped on a Piccadilly line train at 3pm on a weekday.

Electrician Francis Janjua got on the Underground at Leicester Square and sat opposite the MP, who at the time was reading a book.

But the book seemingly proved to be a rather dull tale as minutes later he had nodded off with his trouser fly gaping open.

Francis, 28, said: "Pretty much as soon as the tube set off, he closed his book and put his head on his hand and dozed off.

"He was properly asleep, I reckon.

"I was laughing to myself about it anyway, until I noticed his fly was down - then it was just hilarious."

Mr Miliband, who lost the Labour leadership election to his brother Ed in 2010, was traveling on January 16.

He slept for around 20 minutes until the train stopped at South Kensington when he disembarked - without noticing his zipper was still undone.

Francis, who was traveling to his West London home from a job, said: "I couldn't believe his fly was down.

"It kind of takes the credibility away from him a little bit. But he's still got more credibility than his brother."

A media adviser to Mr Miliband tweeted: "@dmiliband would like to thank everyone at @TfLOfficial for making his journey a pleasant and relaxing one."

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