David Moyes calls on Premier League to look abroad in order to revitalise January transfer window

Jack Rosser
West Ham manager David Moyes: West Ham United via Getty Images

David Moyes feels that a tweaks to the January transfer window would make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

The West Ham boss, who is keen to add to his squad this month as they fight against relegation, said he wasn’t surprised with the amount of players the Hammers had been linked with in recent weeks - his count was 30.

With clubs often forced into panicked deals during the winter window, it is a notoriously difficult time for business to be done.

With the announced changes to the summer window this year setting the precedent for the January window to be altered, Moyes feels something can be done to improve the experience.

“I think that we need something to be able to change if we want a window,” the Scotsman told reporters.

“I don’t think we need a month, I think we should probably take it down to a week and then we wouldn’t have all the problems.

“Maybe there’s a week where the work has to get done and if it doesn’t get done then you don’t do it. Something like that would quicken it up and make it much easier.

“I think it can be unsettling for players but also it can be a time when you can improve your side if you can find the players to do so.”

While he admitted a cutting the window to a week may be somewhat of a drastic move, the former Manchester United boss cited an example from the continent as a way of streamlining proceedings in the UK.

In Italy, on deadline day, clubs are each allocated a room at a Milan hotel. Gathered are directors, executives, agents, journalists and occasionally players finalising all their business in a swift manner, before delivering the required paperwork to the governing body in an adjacent building, before the deadline.

When is the winter transfer window open around the world?

Country Active
Argentina January 8 to February 7
Australia January 3 to January 31
Austria January 7 to February 6
Belgium January 1 to January 31
Brazil January 10 to April 2
China January 1 to February 28
Colombia December 11 to February 9
Denmark January 5 to January 31
England January 1 to January 31
France January 1 to January 31
Germany January 1 to January 31
Italy January 3 to January 31
Mexico January 1 to January 31
Netherlands January 3 to January 31
Northern Ireland January 1 to January 31
Norway January 8 to March 31
Poland February 1 to February 28
Portugal January 3 to February 2
Republic of Ireland December 1 to February 22
Russia January 23 to February 22
Scotland January 1 to January 31
Spain January 1 to January 31
Sweden January 8 to March 31
Switzerland January 16 to February 15
Ukraine January 31 to March 2
USA February 7 to May 1
Wales January 1 to January 31

It’s a well oiled system, and one Moyes thinks could work in the Premier League. "In Italy all the clubs come to same hotel for one day,” he added. “All the chief execs all the people and they do the transfer business in the one day.

“I don't think the January is one that managers enjoy, it gives you the chance to add but it can also be unsettling as well.

"Could it work in the Premier League?

"Cameras and that get into the meeting and they try to get the deals done on the day. That's the way it works in Italy and it's done by midnight.

"You have to get it done by midnight to rubber stamp the deals, agents everybody is in there..

"Maybe it would be better if we had a day like that here in England, instead of transfer deadline day where everyone is wearing a yellow tie?”