David Walliams and Matt Lucas in talks about new 'Little Britain'


Little Britain could be making a long-awaited return to TV as David Walliams has revealed he is in talks with Matt Lucas about writing new episodes.

The comic pair’s sketch show ran from 2003 to 2005, but despite many of their characters and catchphrases still being popular with fans 15 years later, there have been no series of the show since then.

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However, talking on This Morning on Monday, Walliams said that a new series was not being ruled out and that he has plans to meet with Lucas about working together again.

Asked by host Phillip Schofield whether Little Britain would return, he said: “We’re just talking about it at the moment.

“Matt has his last night in Les Misérables, the stage show, tonight and so we’re meeting up very soon to talk about future plans… We’d love to do more and maybe something new.”

The pair briefly reunited in October for a one-off special on BBC Radio 4 called Little Brexit, which saw them revive fan favourites including Vicky Pollard and Lou and Andy.

Lucas and Walliams are reported to have fallen out twice in the past over their different ways of working, so the fact that they are meeting up to discuss collaborating looks like promising news.

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Walliams also spoke about his other hit TV show, Britain’s Got Talent, admitting that his son Alfred had only ever watched a few moments of it.

He said: “He‘s actually only ever seen one bit of Britain’s Got Talent, which was the bit when my mum stepped in for Simon Cowell. And she stepped in for Simon for about an hour’s recording, because on that day Simon was only seven hours late!

“And so we’ve watched that bit, because we like watching that bit as a family with my mum and my nephews. So he thinks that my mum is always on Britain’s Got Talent!”