David Walliams thinks BGT could be postponed again due to COVID

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David Walliams believes BGT could be postponed due to COVID credit:Bang Showbiz
David Walliams believes BGT could be postponed due to COVID credit:Bang Showbiz

David Walliams thinks 'Britain's Got Talent' could be postponed again due to COVID.

The 50-year-old comedian - who is a judge on the show - admitted the competition may be put back due to the coronavirus pandemic, because things look "uncertain".

He said: "We're meant to be coming back in January. We're going to start filming the auditions in January and February, all being well. But obviously, it's a bit of an uncertain world, which is why we had to cancel the series this year.

"I say we, they cancelled it."

The show was axed this year due to COVID fears, but the 'Little Britain' star admitted he would've been prepared to head back behind the judging panel, providing everyone's safety could be ensured.

He added: "I would've quite happily done it as long as we could've kept everyone safe. But I think because of the nature of the show, it involves so many people, I just think there wasn't a way to do it that was safe. It was sad, but we couldn't do it."

The 2020 series - which was won by singer Jon Courtenay - was delayed from spring to autumn last year.

When asked who his favourite ever 'BGT' act has been, David admitted he has a soft spot for dancing dog act Ashleigh and Pudsey, who were crowned champions on his inaugural series as a judge in 2012.

Speaking on New Zealand radio show 'Mike Hosking Breakfast', he added: "I think the first year I did it Ashleigh and Pudsey won it. It was just so wonderfully joyous and bonkers. And it was really sweet because it was so genuine."

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