Davina McCall used to focus on fitness to 'look hot' but now just wants to live longer

Davina McCall attending The Masked Singer press launch held at The Mayfair Hotel, London. (Photo by Scott Garfitt/PA Images via Getty Images)
Davina McCall (Scott Garfitt/PA Images via Getty Images)

Davina McCall has said she used to work out to “look hot in a bikini” but now does it because she wants to live longer.

The former Big Brother host, 53, is known for her commitment to living healthily and has a string of exercise DVDs to her name.

But she told Women’s Health UK that her focus has changed over the years.

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“Previously, my ‘keeping fit and healthy’ was all about my body and making myself look hot in a bikini… and actually now it’s just about staying alive longer and being in the best possible position to beat anything should it come my way,” said the TV star.

The Masked Singer panellist also said that her goal for the next 12 months is to really enjoy her life, partly because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“My 2021 goal is just to really try and enjoy and let myself go and let loose when we can because when you have your liberty taken from you, it makes you realise how little you make of your liberty when you have it, and how much I have taken my liberty for granted,” she said.

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The mother-of-three shared a long list of things she wants to do in 2021, including seeing friends, hosting parties, having people over to her house, going out to clubs and attending festivals.

McCall said she was keen to do them all because they were things she did not take advantage of before the coronavirus restrictions meant they were no longer possible.

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