Davy Jones: Which Current Stars Compare to Him

Singer. Actor. Heartthrob. Those are just some of the words used to describe Davy Jones, the charmingly boyish member of the '60s boy band The Monkees. Jones passed away from a heart attack at the age of 66, however his legacy will live on in some of today's newest stars whom seem to be following the same career trajectory. Here are some of the more notable ones following in Jones' footsteps.

Justin Timberlake

Like Jones, Timberlake displays an easy charm to go with his boyish good looks. He also started out peforming with a boy band (N'Sync), then eventually branching out on his own to become a true teen idol. Both also dipped their toes into acting, but unlike Jones, Timberlake seems to have taken the triple threat tag to a higher extreme, recording a string of successful hits, making a big splash into movies with some acclaimed performances, all the while keeping his signature dance moves handy.

Chord Overstreet

Okay, so Jones probably never had the toned figure that Overstreet is blessed with, but no one would deny that both have the same kind of goofy charm that appeals to a wide audience. During his appearance on Season 2 of "Glee," Overstreet made quite the impression with viewers the same way Davy Jones did back in the '60s. With his Matthew McConaughey impressions and pleasant voice, "Glee's" Overstreet produces an appealing quality that could actually make him the new Jones for our time. Unfortunately, the only difference is that Davy Jones always seemed to get the girl on his show, while Overstreet's Sam is having trouble convincing Mercedes to be with him this season.

Justin Bieber

This is probably the easiest comparison to make out of all the performers on the list. Signature hair? Check. Friendly pop sound? Check. Presence that drives the girls to tears? Double check on that. Bieber seems to have the intense following that Jones was able to create, and probably gets invited as a prom date instead of to just sing. Whether you agree or disagree, Bieber has become quite the icon, and could quite possibly take over Jones' spot on the "Top Ten Teen Idol List". (Jones sits at number two behind Shaun Cassidy.)

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