Dawn French speaks out about the great scone debate: 'Cream is the crown!'

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Photo credit: Jeff Spicer - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jeff Spicer - Getty Images

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Scone warrior Dawn French has opened up about what irks her the most - and it's still people who put jam and cream on them in the wrong order.

Speaking to The Guardian, keen jam-first advocate Dawn mounted her scone-y soapbox to explain why the issue of jam and cream - and the correct serving order of both - is something she feels passionately about.

Brace yourself - here’s the definitive French Way: Butter (butter!), then jam, then clotted cream. That's how they do it in Cornwall, where Dawn lives.

“What I would say is: butter is optional, but if you’re going to use butter, it goes first,” she explained. “Then the jam, then the cream. That’s it. The big mistake is to think that cream is butter.

Photo credit: Loop Images - Getty Images
Photo credit: Loop Images - Getty Images

“Jam is for spreading, cream – and it’s got to be clotted cream – is the dollop. It’s the crown. If you do it the other way, I genuinely find it offensive! I just do. I’ve got into a bit of a Twitter war with certain people about it.”

Yes, yes she has - James Corden, Nigella Lawson, M&S, the whole of Devon... all the greats, who believe the jam goes on first. But Dawn's having none of it.

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