Days of Our Lives spoilers: week of June 17-21

 Key art for Days of Our Lives.
Credit: Peacock

If you want to know what's coming up in Salem this week or if you need to look back at last week's episodes, we've got you covered with the Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of June 17-21.

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Here are your Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of June 17, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, June 17
"Abe comforts Paulina over Chanel’s upcoming departure. Stefan confronts EJ about his deceit. Alex clears the air with Brady."

Tuesday, June 18
"Maggie receives shocking news about Konstantin. Sarah hits a dead end in her search for Xander’s mother. Julie and Chad are thwarted by Jack’s arrival in Salem."

Wednesday, June 19
"EJ and Johnny share a nice father/son moment as Johnny prepares to pursue his dreams. Eli and Lani return to celebrate Abe and Paulina’s wedding anniversary. Chad and Julie make a huge discovery."

Thursday, June 20
"On prom night, Tate and Holly scheme to be together. Marlena questions Eric about his feelings for Nicole. Nicole unwittingly throws a wrench into Holly and Tate’s plans."

Friday, June 21
"Prom continues as Theresa and Brady keep an eye on Tate and Holly. Steve makes a confession to Justin. Alex makes a bold decision."

And in case you missed last week's episodes or need a refresher, here's what happened on Days of our Lives during the week of June 10, courtesy of Soap Opera News:

Monday, June 10
"The wedding of Konstantin and Maggie gets even more dramatic — someone gets shot! Plus, Konstantin makes a chilling confession."

Tuesday, June 11
"Alex, Brady, and Xander ruminate about Konstantin’s cryptic warning. Marlena has some unfortunate news for Stephanie about Everett."

Wednesday, June 12
"Eric hits up EJ for some legal help. Leo, thinking he’s got no luck in love, turns to Marlena for some assistance. Johnny and Chanel await the results about their baby."

Thursday, June 13
"Rafe’s all over Clyde about his misdeeds. Johnny tells Chanel about his new job opportunity."

Friday, June 14
"Chad shares some surprising news with Julie, Chanel fills Paulina in on her and Johnny’s next move, and Stefan asks Kristen for help to clear Gabi’s name."

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