​ Daytime road closure at Thoresway for culvert work

The road will be closed from October 30 to November 24. Image: Dianne Tuckett
The road will be closed from October 30 to November 24. Image: Dianne Tuckett

The works will be carried out on Thoresway road, between Thoresway and Croxby, just under a mile away from Thoresway village itself.

Beginning on Monday October 30, the work is scheduled to end on Friday November 24, subject to suitable weather.

Working hours on site are 7.30am to 4pm and there will be no weekend working during the schedule.

Karen Cassar, Assistant Director for Highways said: “These works in Thoresway are complex and will see the old culvert fully removed and replaced with a pipe encased in concrete.

“Because of the amount of work needed, the road around the culvert will be excavated to its entire width and it will later be reinstated after the new culvert is built.

“We will need to put in a road closure to achieve this for the safety of both the crew on site and road users.”

The works will be carried out under a full road closure and there will be no through road

The signed diversion route will be (clockwise starting from the location of the works): Croxby, Thorganby Road, Thorganby, Swallow Road, Binbrook Road, Binbrook, Orford Road, Orford, Thoresway and vice versa.

There are no buildings in the vicinity of the works, but access to adjacent lands will be available throughout.

Karen Cassar added: “This work will ensure that there won’t be any sudden collapse of the aging culvert which could create hazards for those who use this road.

“The watermain that crosses the culvert is likely to be damaged if there is a collapse, so our work is helping to avoid that, too.

“I want to take the chance now to thank everyone effected by these works for their understanding and patience whilst we carry out the work on the culvert.”

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