Dead dad's 'unhinged' gift from beyond the grave leaves daughter in stitches

Daughter receives 'unhinged' gift from late father, sparking viral sensation
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A family left in mourning received a "unhinged gift" from their beloved father, who had placed an Amazon order before his passing.

Comedian Katie Marovitch revealed on Twitter/X the darkly humorous present her dad arranged for delivery after his death. Her post, which has since gone viral, displayed the grim yet amusing gift, and the former College Humour star was able to see her father's lighter side in the gesture.

She shared: "Shortly after we found out he was dying, my dad got me this absolutely unhinged gift that he got custom made for me on Amazon. It says, 'My dad died and all I got was this stupid bracelet.' Anyway, we had his funeral on Saturday, the day before Father's Day, and I miss him."

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While an engraved bracelet might typically be considered a touching keepsake, Katie's father added a twist by inscribing the inside with a slogan reminiscent of a 1980s tourist gimmick - the classic "all I got was this lousy t-shirt" gag.

The post prompted dozens of responses offering condolences and admiration for her dad's sense of humour. One user commented: "That is also 100% my dad's sense of humour and I love it. Sorry for your loss and I will pray for your healing." Another described the bracelet as "the eternal dad joke".

Others complimented her dad's "next level humour". One user expressed: "This is next level humour. It speaks to the kind of man he was, and the hope that after he passed this would bring the odd moment of light relief."

Another chimed in with hearty approval, saying: "I like his style, and now a lot of people know just a little bit about this great man. Sorry for your loss."