Dead sheep left on roadside for nearly two weeks

Dead sheep dumped at Gortalughany Viewpoint which is part of the Cuilcagh Trail. <i>(Image: John McVitty)</i>
Dead sheep dumped at Gortalughany Viewpoint which is part of the Cuilcagh Trail. (Image: John McVitty)

A local farmer who came across sheep carcasses close to a scenic viewpoint has called on the authorities to do their job and lift the dead animals which have been lying at the side of a road for almost two weeks.

The farmer, who did not wished to be named, came across the dead sheep on Sunday, March 12, and even though he contacted Fermanagh and Omagh District Council about them the next day, they have not been lifted.

The carcasses were left on the side of the road close to Gortalugahny Viewpoint, which is off the Swanlinbar Road, near Kinawley.

This is not the first time the farmer has come across dead animals, and wants the dead sheep removed as soon as possible.

“It was either Friday night (March 10) or Saturday night (March 11) they were dumped,” he explained.

“I rang the Council on the Monday. There was a Council van seen going up towards them on Tuesday; you couldn’t miss them (the carcasses), they are on the side of the road,” explained the farmer.

“They were up there on Tuesday, and they are still there. I got someone to ring on Thursday as well, and nothing’s happened.”


The farmer was up to check again yesterday (Wednesday, March 22), and the decaying carcasses remain. He said it was not a good look for a scenic area which has a lot of walkers and farmers about.

“I’m surprised they have not been reported a couple of times because there are plenty of walkers up around there most evenings.

“[It’s] Concerning that nothing has been done.

“They are clatty and they are decayed, and there’s guts pulled out on the road this morning, and it’s not helping things.

“It’s hard enough to look after your own without having to worry about other men’s dead stock,” he said.

When contacted about the dead sheep, a Council spokesperson said they were not aware of the matter; however, officers have since inspected the area and confirmed there are two dead sheep.

“The Environmental Health Service has been notified and the sheep will be removed in accordance with Council procedures.

“The Council would remind farmers that they are responsible for the safe and legal disposal of fallen stock (dead livestock).

“The animal must be collected, identified and transported by an approved transporter.


“If a fallen animal is not disposed of in this manner, the owner, when identified, could be liable to prosecution.

“Further guidance on dealing with fallen animals can be obtained from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs –

“Decaying animal carcasses have an adverse impact on the environment as they can contaminate the land and nearby waterways, and spread disease, which can be dangerous to public health and the health of other animals,” said the spokesperson.

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